Heat In The Hallway

I can recall the heat in the hallway

My eyes shut halfway in your hold.

Back against the door I could not hear your bodys language being told.

It spoke of lust and burning desire

Of hatred and aftershave.

The feeling of never knowing when I’m leaving or who I’m leaving with.

I could talk about the people I’ve slept with for days

And never say a thing.

Rainbows fall through my eyelashes,

Don’t want the rainbows to go away.

I”ve become unorganized.

These borderline traits.

Left your memory long ago with whispers of your fingers

tracing across my face.

Put all my pieces in one place

Put everything somewhere else

And focused who I was

on someone I was not.

All my pieces should be smooth

Fit quick into the grooves

That I made my with my wishes

When I made you.

And I could stand in front of your mirror

All tears and all gone

And on the outside make you think instead

you made me come.

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