One response to “Nightmares

  1. Without a doubt one of my favorite pieces of yours, and the color version is doubly as grotesque and striking. I’ve noticed that you are being more and more mindful of your composition. In this, what originally is seen as obfuscated, has undercurrents, flows, and little eddies up near the neck of this thing. I also think you did a good job capturing the infinite potential for horror in a nightmare. The dreamer is at the mercy of their mind and the rabbit hole goes down as far as their exists connections between one neuron and the next, which is to say: far.

    I recommend the following to anyone who may see this picture; click it and use the magnifying glass to look at the detail. This is the kind of piece that no matter how much you oggle, you always find something new. Although, if whoever reads this is under the influence of a psychedelic of some sort, DO NOT BY ANY MEANS FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR SANITY CLICK THIS PICTURE. Instead, scroll your cursor to the top left of the screen, press down on the mouse once you reach the the back icon, and never, ever return.

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