Bikes and Cars

Remember simpler times?

of bike rides

where popped tires

and slipped chains

were the worst case?

Man, I miss the days

of mid-summer’s race:

pedal to the metal yet

our top speed chase

never got this fast paced,

like settle for rat race,

rush hour mad face,

where everyone’s in last place

still tastin’ the bait-

No time to waste.


Man, I miss the days when

the windshield didn’t frame them

places we’d ride by.

Feel the fresh air fly by

flesh, thru hair to the sky

Never stopped to wonder why time

traveled so slow,

Why every sunset had such a glow

Why the more I’d see

The less I’d come to know

and now I let it go…



And so it goes

with the tide, so

time flows on and

we hold on to lost ties

trading bike tires

for tricks and wires to

make wheels turn, to

make us yearn, to

make us learn the

difference between match and the fire it burns.

Cause and effect:

’cause a ten speed can’t be

a car wreck.

Where’s the simplicity we left

for dollars and cents

and why, when you have so much

Time’s worth so much less.

5 responses to “Bikes and Cars

  1. This is a cynical commentary on society. I see it diverging from some of your previous work with the inclusion of the nostalgia theme, the loss of youth, and what growing up in this society entails. Also, there is a clear focus on the construction of the flow. Not sure if this was written over a beat, but I’d say this poem is one of the strictest hip-hop pieces on Deltion yet.

    And some really brilliant lines in here:

    “Man, I miss the days when
    the windshield didn’t frame them”

    “and why, when you have so much
    Time’s worth so much less.”

    The ending is fantastic and I think it sums up what you are trying to say nicely.

    In terms of growth in you as a poet, I think this poem is significant. Here, we see you starting to exploring different subject matter and tone outside your niche of searing cynicism, push your boundaries. We also see the most attention to flow you have displayed yet. Your increasingly tighter rhythms and effective use of rhymes is noted.

  2. I know you really like the hippity hop Henry, so I have to say, this is really good as a hip-hop sort of poem and has awesome rhythm and flow. But since I’m not all into the hip-hop I can’t say that I LOVE it. I think I’d love it if I HEARD it performed over a simple beat or something.

  3. I actually originally had planned this to be accompanied by like acoustic guitar and maybe another vocal part from someone else but it fell through. Anyone wanna collab/give it a shot with me?

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