As We Know It

“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.”
Player Piano, Kurt Vonnegut

As We Know It is a work in progress, personal documentary blending aspects of my life- real characters, settings, and actions- with my own romanticized notion the edge as a literal and metaphorical concept. The series follows my close friends and I; a group of middle class, young adults from the North East US, over the last year as we struggle to define ourselves at the edge of adolescence and adulthood. The journey has taken us to the edges of society and nature, night and day, sober calm and ecstatic excess. We press against these tangible and intangible edges, struggling to define them. They scare and entice us as we flirt with going over.

3 responses to “As We Know It

  1. your writing jars me more than the photos hen and i want the photos to be a little closer to the edge. more telling of the specific problems that we’re dealing with as youth today, or maybe just more telling of the emotions and moments you’re trying to capture. i think they need to be pushed a little more. but i love your statement. and i’m fucking glad you’re posting.

  2. I agree with Sarah in that I want to see these pushed farther emotionally. I see the visual motif of the edge, which I really like, and works well. Also, the edge of adolescence and adulthood is one that we must go over, and this makes it special. I would like to see you juxtapose your other edges with this one. There will always be edges, but perhaps they differ or change as we grow older. Might be something to explore if this turns into a long term project.

    I checked out your website’s group. I’m really digging the feet about to plunge into water, fresh snow and smoke, and the waterfall, I like what they bring to the project.

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