4 responses to “A Tribute To The Celestial Bodies That Ceased To Make You, You (The Dissolution Of The Self)

  1. Really interesting graphic interpretation of the title- i think that works very well, and i love the combination of text and the images. I’m a little confused on the relationship between the two, but the text itself is interesting as well, the manic, uppercase repetition of the phrase, how it changes as it is read over and over, how you try to discern meaning from what appears to be an abstract statement.

  2. “…STRETCH MARKS SHINE THE FLOWER’S TONGUES NOW SPEAK COLOR ONCE ROCK STRETCH MARKS SHINE THE FLOWER’S TONGUES NOW SPEAK COLOR ONCE ROCK STRETCH MARKS SHINE THE FLOWER’S TONGUES NOW SPEAK COLOR ONCE ROCK STRETCH MARKS SHINE THE FLOWER’S TONGUES NOW SPEAK COLOR ONCE ROCK STRETCH MARKS SHINE THE FLOWER’S TONGUES NOW SPEAK COLOR ONCE ROCK…”, and on and on the cosmos muttered feverishly with the bottom ends of a scalpel and a potter’s wheel protruding from its stomach. It’s onlookers and those who listened were not so sure of what was happening, losing themselves in it, or rather finding themselves, with the only certainty being that was what was observed was beautiful and progressively grew more complex, which was also beautiful. Explosions, lava, and flowers happened and art made itself.

    -This was the most recent incarnation of the text. The repetition of the phrase was sort of an attempt to capture the resonant frequency of the universe. There are multiple interpretations to be pulled from it; the stretch marks of stone being lava, leading to flowers, leading to a landscape with color, while at the same time, stretch marks shining could be a supernova, just as the flower’s tongues speaking color could be a supernova, with the color being all the new elements. I would have liked to put a .gif and have the phrase repeat itself marquee style over and over because I think that better demonstrates what I am trying to say.

    The point is, the universe is this soup of energy and meaning, yet exactly what the connection or connections between the two are, we don’t know. That is why the block of text had no puncuation and was in all in caps, to represent the sort of uniform profoundness that we can pull from all of existence. What exactly is happening in the block of text? Just like with the universe I am not entirely sure, but I notice a trend of complexity and of movement. While science as we currently know it, according to the law of conservation of mass and energy, says that nothing is necessarily being created, perhaps what already exists is just twisting itself into new, more vibrant, and more intricate shapes.

    All that hocus pocus being said, I really liked the simplicity of the title and the image. There is the self, and there is everthing else, the macrocosmos. But, when you think about it, and put yourself “outside” of your ego, there really is no seperation between the two and we are all as Carl Sagan says children of star dust. So I guess that is the essence of the image, the epiphany in which the individual realizes their connection to the broader universe. Despite the fact that what the text brings is important and worth exploring, I think it muddies up the overall piece. That isn’t to say that the text isn’t worth using at all. Instead, it might go well in an accompanying piece.

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