I’m not here.

Was I ever, really?


Sometimes, maybe not.

Can you recall a time

When we knew for sure?

Perhaps it was more recent than I care to remember.

Was it last monday or last september.

Where is it? Where is here?

Not with you. Not anymore.

I’m not here, and neither are you.

By Peter Collins

One response to “Almost

  1. My interpretation of this poem is that the speaker is looking back on a relationship after it has ended. “Here” is the relationship. The speaker cannot fully remember what it was like to be in the relationship because he was in love then, and now he is not. The voice is tounge-in-cheak, either indicating the speaker’s detatchment, or perhaps evidence of him trying to mask his sadness. This is just my interpretation and would I love to hear, in your words, what this poem is about and trying to convey.

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